• Bancore
    Bancore Prepaid Virtual Mastercard® including:
    Full transaction history
    Send and request money
    Shop securely online wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark
    SIGN UP and get your Mastercard today
  • Transfer Money
    Cross border instantly
    Transfer money using your phone or web
    No bank account required
    Send anywhere in the world*
  • Virtual Calling Card
    Stay Connected
    Low rates
    High quality voice calling
    Dial from any phone
  • Bill Payment
    Instant, Convenient, Secure
    Pay bills instantly
    Direct from Mobile or via Web
    No bank account required
  • Global Prepaid Airtime
    Send To Anyone on Any network
    Top up or send credit globally
    Over 165 mobile operators
    Available 24/7
Secure & Certified
Bancore is certified to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the same as required for commercial banks.
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